Save a Life with CPR

Learning to save a life with CPR is not just for the healthcare workers anymore. No matter what your profession or your age it is empowering to know what to do when the situation arises and a person is needing your help to survive.

You may be in an office setting and a co-worker may complain of having what seems like a heart attack, and before the emergency medical personnel can arrive the person may become unresponsive.  Would you know what to do in this case?  You may be the only one that has taken a course in a CPR class and know exactly how to intervene and give life saving measures in a timely manner to save this person’s life.  We all know that waiting for emergency medical personnel to arrive can seem like a very long time when a person is lying there unresponsive.

There are endless situations that can arise in our everday lives that require you to give life saving measures.  Take a CPR class and become familiar with the steps that are required for you to intervene early and quickly in a life threatening situation.  You may be a single mom at home one day and just for a moment take your eyes off the child and tragedy strikes, you turn around and the child has tipped over into a tub of water that you had running to give them a bath and the child is there unresponsive. Would you know what to do after you call 911?  You see, an emergency situation can happen any where and at any time.

There is really no excuse to not become certified in CPR, that can teach any one how to save a life. You never know when you might be in a situation that calls for you to administer help to save a life. Learning to intervene early is very crucial to help that person have a better outcome if they survive the event.  So many lives could have been saved if someone would have known how to intervene while waiting on the ambulance to arrive.  So many times people lie there and wait for help to arrive while all along the brain has been with out oxygenation.  Time is of the essence when a person is lying there helpless and unable to breathe, or their heart has stopped beathing.  Attending a CPR class is for everyone!  Remember you may never know when you are face to face with a life threatening situation.